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We believe in Constructive/Disruptive Technology. The Bemer signal delivers such rebellious technology. We know the importance of ``The Breath``. We know technology is here that oxygenates and rejuvenates us in just 8 Minutes!
Watch our video and learn more about our pathway to be a better you with 8 Min Fix
  • A Natural way of improving your health.

    8 Min Fix offers a complete solution for feeling better. Our services and products promote whole-body wellness, addressing improvement from head to toe, inside and out. Your physical, mental and emotional well-being are all addressed with your 8MinFix.

  • Why Choose Our Solution

    8MinFix leads the way to a rejuvenated body with groundbreaking products. The Bemer Vascular Technology is one such product.

    We turn on a computer, it activates your body's electromagnetic signals. Your cells respond by clearing the Microvascular system. This process will take 8 minutes. In the following hours the oxygenated body and nutrient-filled blood flow will proceed to rejuvenate itself.

    FDA approved class I and II.

    Come sit with us and activate your health and longevity today.

  • 8 Things You Can Do in 8 Minutes to Reach 100 Years

    1) Eat only things that are produced naturally
    2) Move, move, move
    3) Keep learning
    4) Get involved in something
    5) Go outside in the sunshine
    6) Rest when needed
    7) Check in with Doctor & Dentist as suggested
    8) Get your 8 Min Fix regularly
    Live by these steps, Live to see 100

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